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Johnson Matthey licenses IP for CAMX-7 high energy cathode materials from CAMX Power

Johnson Matthey and CAMX Power LLC (CAMX) announced that Johnson Matthey has been granted a licence under the intellectual property of CAMX relating to the CAM-7 platform of nickel based cathode materials for use in lithium-ion batteries. CAM-7 is a patented cathode material that harnesses the properties of high-nickel compounds to deliver high energy density with high-power capability. (Earlier post.)

The CAM-7 platform covers a range of patented, nickel rich cathode materials which offer excellent performance across a range of features including energy density, cycle life, gassing and power handling. This makes products based on this technology particularly suited to demanding applications, such as battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, delivering high energy density with high power capability.

With its experience in the scale-up and manufacture of battery materials, in-depth knowledge of nickel chemistry allied to its customer focused technical organisation, Johnson Matthey said it is well placed to bring CAMX Power’s innovative technology to market to meet the rising demand for high energy cathode materials.

Johnson Matthey is building its position as a supplier of functional materials to the lithium-ion battery industry with a focus on automotive applications. It is already a leading supplier of lithium iron phosphate for range of light and heavy duty powertrain applications. In addition, it haves a strong position in specialist nickel catalysts for chemical industry customers.

CAMX Power is the former Advanced Battery Materials and Design Division of TIAX LLC.


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