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DuPont Industrial Biosciences launches new DuPont SYNERXIA Fermentation System for ethanol; increased yields, lower residual sugars

DuPont Industrial Biosciences launched its DuPont SYNERXIA Fermentation System, an approach to fermentation that will help ethanol producers improve their yields by up to 2%, while lowering total sugar levels at drop by up to 25%.

The system includes SYNERXIA PRIME ADYT, a bioengineered yeast paired with the world’s only commercial dry trehalase. Compared to cream yeast, DuPont’s active dry yeast requires no special storage or handling.

The system also includes SYNERXIA PRIME LC, a new glucoamylase blend that delivers three times the debranching activity of conventional glucoamylase. The glucoamylase included in the SYNERXIA Fermentation System liberates more glucose for the yeast to ferment, improving ethanol yield.

Additional benefits include 20-25% lower sugar levels at drop and full end-to-end onsite technical support.


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