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Borgward BX7 plug-in hybrid SUV wins Plus X Awards

German automaker Borgward received Plus X Awards for its BX7 plug-in hybrid series SUV in the categories of Design, High Quality, Ergonomics, and Functionality. The BX7 was also issued a seal of quality as SUV of the Year 2016/2017.

The Plus X Award for innovation was presented for the 13th time in 2016. The award honors manufacturers of products that are exceptionally innovative and forward-looking in terms of technology, sportiness, and lifestyle aspects. The products that receive the award must display a specific “Plus X Factor” for added value as defined by a panel of independent trade journalists and high-ranking representatives from 26 economic sectors.

The Borgward BX7 is a 4.70-meter long vehicle that was developed for the globally popular large/mid-sized SUV segment. Equipped with an innovative AWD system, the plug-in hybrid drive systems has a combined maximum output of 190 kW (105 kW combustion engine + 85 kW traction motor.)

Following the market launch in China last month, and after the planned launch in India and other emerging markets later this year, Borgward will introduce the BX models to European markets in 2017.

In Europe, the German automaker will initially launch the vehicle in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as plug-in hybrid models and all-electric vehicles.


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