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Route Monkey and Sygic parter on route optimization for EVs

Scotland-based route optimization specialist Route Monkey (earlier post) has signed a partnership agreement with global GPS navigation expert Sygic. The partners aim to develop jointly a fully integrated optimization and navigation platform for electric vehicles (EVs).

The new platform will see Route Monkey schedule a fleet’s EVs—as well as its conventional vehicles—in a way that optimizes the fleet as a whole. It then sends the best route for the entire itinerary to each driver, directly into the Sygic Navigation app. Working together, Sygic and Route Monkey can also schedule stops at charge points en route to top-up the batteries, and provide real-time navigation to recharging stations.

Navigation tools for EV users have been around for a few years now. However, our integrated solution takes this concept to a whole new level. By partnering with Sygic, we can optimize an entire fleet, including EVs, plus provide navigation that is specifically tailored to EVs within that fleet.

—Colin Ferguson, CEO of Route Monkey

Route Monkey’s EVOS solution already optimizes electric vehicles, helping fleets achieve the most possible emissions-free miles. It can use a fleet’s existing data accurately to identify which existing routes and operations would be suitable for EVs. This enables fleets to engage in virtual trials, helping to better inform procurement decisions. Once the vehicles are deployed, EVOS optimizes their use; ensuring fleet operators achieve the best possible return on investment.

EVOS uses complex advanced algorithms to calculate the impact of a wide range of factors on an EV’s range capabilities. These include payload, average speed, route topography, ambient temperature and driver style.

The partnership between Sygic and Route Monkey is bringing the power of Route Monkey algorithms and optimizers directly into Sygic Professional Navigation, which is used by more than 1,500 fleets worldwide. With Route Monkey, the Sygic Professional Navigation app is also able to optimize complex truck routes and itineraries directly from the driver’s device.

Based on our research and analysis, mixed fleets consisting of EVs and conventional vehicles will soon play an important role in fleet telematics. In combination with our Sygic Professional Navigation and Sygic FleetWork the planning, driving and operational management of EVs will be much easier, more efficient and transparent.

—Martin Strigac, Director of Sygic Business Solutions

In September 2015, Route Monkey announced a partnership with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh to develop new algorithms to optimize the use of vans, trucks and passenger cars.


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