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ISO publishes TS 19880-1 for hydrogen fueling stations

ISO has published TS 19880-1 for hydrogen fueling stations (Earlier post.) ISO 19880 recommends the minimum design characteristics for safety and, where appropriate, for performance of public and non-public fueling stations that dispense gaseous hydrogen to light-duty fuel cell electric vehicles. The standard can be purchased from the ISO Web site.

ISO 19880 can also be used as guidance for fueling buses, trams, motorcycles and fork-lift truck applications, with hydrogen storage capacities outside of current published fuelling protocol standards, such as SAE J2601.

Residential applications to fuel land vehicles and non-public demonstration fueling stations are not included in ISO/TS 19880-1:2016.

The standard provides guidance on the following elements of a fueling station:

  • hydrogen production/delivery system;

  • delivery of hydrogen by pipeline, trucked in gaseous and/or liquid hydrogen, or metal hydride storage trailers;

  • on-site hydrogen generators using water electrolysis process or hydrogen generators using fuel processing technologies;

  • liquid hydrogen storage;

  • hydrogen purification systems, as applicable;

  • gaseous hydrogen compression;

  • pumps and vaporizers;

  • gaseous hydrogen buffer storage;

  • pre-cooling device; and

  • gaseous hydrogen dispensers.


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