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Fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB has now delivered the first prototype of the 100 kW PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack for a truck application to the European transport company. (Earlier post.)

The PowerCell S3 prototype has been delivered to a European transport company for application in a distribution truck. The PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack is based on the platform developed by PowerCell together with partners in the Autostack Core project.

The PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack platform compliments the other fuel cell stack platforms PowerCell S1 (1-5 kW) and PowerCell S2 (5-25 kW), as it covers a larger power range from 20 kW up to 100 kW. This platform is designed to use only pure hydrogen as a fuel.

The PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack uses proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology—the choice for automotive applications. PEM is the most common technology used today, owing to its reliable and dynamic characteristics enabling full output power within seconds.


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