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BRUSA upgrades performance of NLG664 on-board fast charger

BRUSA Elektronik AG, headquartered in Sennwald, Switzerland, has given its NLG664 on-board fast charger a performance upgrade. The NLG664 is now available with 45-65 Hz input frequency and enhanced single-phase current capability of 30 A.


This provides greater flexibility for the worldwide use of the NLG664 on-board-charger. With the performance upgrade the charger NLG664 can also be operated in countries with 60Hz mains frequency.

The NLG664 is the first charger that allows the charging of a typical EV-battery in less than one hour from standard 3-phase AC grid and gives the additional option to charge with up to 7kW from an appropriate single phase AC outlet.

The NLG664 generates virtually no Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), and filters out network problems. Click to enlarge.


James McLaughlin

Well it is about time.

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