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Mercedes-Benz Trucks approves use of HVO, BTL, GTL and CTL fuels in latest generation of OM 470 and OM 471

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has approved the use of alternative fuels according to norm prEN 15940 with immediate effect for the latest generations of the OM 470 (displacement 10.7 liters) and of the OM 471 (displacement 12.8 liters). These include the subgroups Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Biomass To Liquid (BTL), Gas To Liquid (GTL), Coal To Liquid (CTL) which are different resources converted to fuels through chemical processes.

The compatibility of fuels according to norm prEN 15940 has been proved by numerous tests. The engines are designed as standard for the new fuel type.

Since the characteristics of fuels according to norm prEN 15940 mean that it is absolutely comparable to conventionally produced petroleum-based diesel fuel, no modifications to the engines or their peripherals are necessary. The injection process, fuel lines and seals remain unchanged.

The same is also true of the intervals for oil changes and for cleaning the particulate filter, while there is no restriction in terms of warranty and goodwill policy. Engine performance and torque data also remain the same if fuels according to norm prEN 15940 are used.

Since February 2016 Mercedes-Benz trucks with the first generation OM 470 and OM 471 Euro VI engines as well as the medium-duty engine series OM 936 and OM 934 have been operating with fuels according to norm prEN 15940 (this includes also HVO).


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