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UQM receives new order for electric drive systems for Humvees in Israel

UQM Technologies Inc. announced the receipt of a new, follow-on order from RAPAC for PowerPhase HD 950T electric drive systems to be installed in Humvee military vehicles in Israel.

The HD 950T (high torque) system delivers 950 N·m peak torque, 400 N·m continuous from a 145 kW peak, 100 kW continuous motor.


UQM and RAPAC Communication and Infrastructure, Ltd. signed a multi-year memorandum of understanding in September 2015 under which RAPAC is representing UQM in Israel and is providing various UQM PowerPhase electric motors, generators and controllers to their clients for all-electric and hybrid electric military vehicles, armored vehicles, as well as other non-defense related medium-to-heavy duty bus and truck applications for the growing Israel market.

We are pleased to see RAPAC’s forward progress on electric projects. This is another successful example of UQM’s execution on our global diversification strategy.

—Joe Mitchell, UQM President and CEO



Under this MOU, UQM & RAPAC could produce up top date e-drive units for military vehicles and for non-defense medium to heavy duty buses and trucks.

This could evolve into near future long range e-buses and e-trucks with bio-fuel FCs and/or with improved (3X to 5X) batteries

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