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Phihong introduces new 10 kW portable EV DC charger for roadside assistance & remote charging

Phihong, a leading global supplier of OEM power solutions, has announced a new 10 kW portable EV DC charger for roadside assistance and remote area charging applications. Mounted on four wheels for easy portability, the new 10 kW EV DC chargers deliver 12V and 24V to power electric passenger cars and busses, and also function as energy storage systems, providing 3.5 kW backup AC power. In June, the company unveiled a new family of mobile DC fast chargers—compliant with the Chinese national GB/T standards that directly correspond to IEC 61851 requirements—with 20 kW, 40 kW, and 60 kW capacities.

Phihong’s new EV DC chargers feature user-friendly 10.4" LCD touch screens that display charging voltage, charging current, and the battery management system’s state of charge (BMS SOC); tactile start, stop, and emergency stop push-buttons; and intelligent RFID card readers for enhanced security. The 10 kW chargers also feature input/output over-current, over-voltage, and under-voltage protections, in addition to short circuit and surge/lightning protections.

Equipped with 6.3 kWh LiFePO4 battery packs and high frequency power modules that deliver 92%+ efficiency with a power factor of >0.90 at full load, the new 10 kW EV DC chargers are rated for 220Vac ±10% input voltage, and are compliant with the 20234.1-2015 GB/T safety standard and 20234.3-2015 GB/T charging interface standard.

Phihong also offers 80 kW and 160 kW discrete DC chargers; 20 kW to 120 kW integrated DC chargers; 20 kW DC charging modules; 16A and 32A wall-mount and post-type AC chargers; and 120W to 3kW battery chargers for EV busses and passenger cars, and electric scooters, bikes, wheelchairs, and trailers.


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