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BASF and TODA KOGYO enter negotiations to collaborate on Li-ion cathode active materials in North America

BASF and TODA KOGYO are entering exclusive negotiations to collaborate in cathode active materials (CAM) and its respective precursors in North America.

The proposed collaboration would focus on the manufacture of a broad range of CAM and its respective precursors in North America for use in lithium-ion batteries for the automotive, consumer electronics and stationary storage markets.

TODA KOGYO and BASF, which have already collaborated in Japan in the form of BASF TODA Battery Materials LLC., (earlier post) would combine their respective CAM businesses in North America to strengthen their alliance in the global market. BASF would have a majority ownership stake in the proposed collaboration.

In contrast to the highly mature mobile electronics and IT industries, the automotive lithium-ion battery market is still in its infancy period. Starting last year, due to a stronger demand in China, the USA and the EU market, over 30% growth per annum is now expected in the coming years. In order to achieve a top position in this supply market, we must continue to maintain and improve our strong capabilities in safety, cost competitiveness, product performance, supply capacity and recycling areas.

This proposed collaboration in North America plus the existing collaboration in Japan will create additional synergy effects on a global scale allowing us to achieve this goal and will further strengthen our presence in the market. We will continue to provide the appropriate response to the fast growing needs of our customers and this industry.

—Tadashi Kubota, Chairman of TODA KOGYO

BASF is the only company worldwide licensed to produce and market LiB (Lithium-ion Battery) materials developed by both Argonne National Laboratories—the global leader in NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese) technology—and LiFePO4+C Licensing, the leader in LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology.

For its battery business, TODA KOGYO specializes in the Wet Synthesis Technology of metal oxide and manufacturing of lithium-ion battery materials. TODA KOGYO currently offers Lithium cobaltate; Lithium-nickel oxide; and Lithium manganate materials. TODA KOGYO also has a commercialization agreement with Argonne.


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