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LPE chooses Veefil for Australia’s first commercial EV fast-charging station

Australian energy retailer Locality Planning Energy has chosen Tritium’s Veefil (earlier post) as the first commercial electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging stations to be deployed in Australia. The first charging station, to be operational at Noosa, Queensland next week, is one of five planned across southeast Queensland and will enable drivers to charge EVs 25 times faster than a standard home charger.

Utilizing LPE’s embedded energy networks, the charging station will also be the first commercial station in Australia to provide electricity to an EV at a rate cheaper on a km-to-km basis than a traditional combustion engine vehicle.

A dedicated mobile app will allow drivers to check the charging station’s availability, reserve a space and monitor their car’s charging progress.

Facilitating an advanced charging infrastructure is key to accelerating the adoption of EVs, both domestically and overseas. We have seen growing demand for EVs around the world and as the only Australian company to design and manufacture EV charging stations locally, we look forward to demonstrating how the technology can enable more sustainable and cost effective transport.

—Paul Sernia, Tritium’s Commercial Director


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