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VW boss Diess: brand to show near-production EV prototype at Paris; in market in 2019

In an interview with Germany’s Wirtschafts Woche, Volkswagen brand boss Herbert Diess said that the company would present a near-production prototype of a new electric vehicle with the external dimensions of a VW Golf and the internal space of a Passat at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Diess said that the vehicle would be in the market in 2019, and offer a range between 400-600 km (249-373 miles) on a single charge.

This will be followed by a city-SUV, a coupé, and a small delivery van (presaged by the BUDD-e) using the same battery technology and on the same platform.

The successor to the high-end Phaeton will follow.



Near ready still it can be introduced in 2019. What a delay. All major car companies are 3 years behind Tesla.

Account Deleted

I am beginning to get a little hope back that there is light at the end of the tunnel with regard to the old auto-industry actually beginning to be serious about using resources to make long range and driverless BEVs that can compete with what Tesla has and are developing. To really change the world as fast as possible in that direction we need more than one corporation (read Tesla) to do all the hard work.

I like that VW has now realized that long-range BEVs have more cabin and trunk space than similar powered gassers or FCV because batteries and electric motors are more compact than the alternative drive trains although BEVs are still more heavy.

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