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California ARB publishes Battery Electric Bus Charging Cost Calculator

The staff of the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has published a downloadable tool (a macro-enabled Excel worksheet) for estimating electricity costs for battery electric bus (BEB) deployments in California.

The tool estimates monthly electricity costs for BEBs that are charged at the depot or on-route. The spreadsheet allows numerous variables to be factored in for the 9 California utilities included in the tool. A detailed description and instructions for the tool are included in the file.

The calculator approximates electricity costs for BEB deployment per electricity meter per month (30.5 operational days). The tool does not account for BEB electricity usage commingled with existing facilities. The tool currently does not model on-route charging with more than one charger per meter. The tool uses current utility rates and calculates costs using current rate structures.

These rate structures may change based on legislation (e.g., SB350). ARB intends to keep the calculator up-to-date.


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