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Electrovaya-Litarion introduces higher energy density 44Ah Li-ion cell; optimized NMC/graphite

Electrovaya Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Litarion GmbH, have introduced the next-generation LITACELL, LC-44—an optimized NMC/graphite-based electrode chemistry. The higher-energy-density LITACELL LC-44 delivers 44Ah in the same geometry as the 40 Ah LITACELL LC-40.

The new LC-44 is available to OEMs and battery pack integrators worldwide and first deliveries will be made this quarter, Q4 FY2016.

The LITACELL LC-44 promises long cycle and calendar life (up to 9000 cycles at 1C charge and 1C discharge at 100% Depth of Discharge) and strong safety properties due to the stability of its SEPARION flexible ceramic separator membrane.

Our strong research team has an exciting program to continuously develop the next generation of lithium-ion cells. The increased energy density of the LC-44 reduces material and other production costs while giving higher energy capacity in the same volume and same geometrical package as the LC-40. Lithium Ion Cells have cost, cycle-life and safety challenges and the LITACELL LC-44 provides the break-through technology to address some of these challenges.

—Dr. Joerg Reim, Chief Technical Officer, Litarion



How does it compare with industry's best?


They have a spec sheet that list the new LC-44 as having 165Wh/kg. Not bad, but not good by today's standards.

But the 9,000 cycles is really good and if the price is competitive then it could find some good applications. I looked around briefly and can't find a price which tells me it's not that competitive or they'd be bragging like crazy about it. LOL


I haven't read other specs yet, but it could something as simple as being able to charge to a higher voltage safely than before. That may be enough to increase amp-hours by 10%.

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