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DOE: MY2016 PHEV median full range longer than gasoline vehicle median range

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has compiled figures showing that although most electric vehicles (EV) have shorter ranges than gasoline vehicles, there are EVs with ranges equal to or greater than some gasoline-powered models. Further, the median range for plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs) is 440 miles (708.11 km)—longer than the 412-mile median range for gasoline models (including conventional hybrids).


For the 2016 model year (MY) the maximum range for an all-electric vehicle (AEV) is 294 miles while the minimum range for a gasoline model is 240 miles.

The all-electric range of PHEV models varies greatly, and the total gasoline and electric range of a PHEV is between 150 and 600 miles in MY2016 vehicles.

The ranges for EVs have been increasing since their debut in the mass market but technological improvements have also increased the ranges for gasoline vehicles. For 2016, the median range for gasoline vehicles is 412 miles while the highest range is just over 700 miles.



It doesn't really matter what the range of an ICE/PHEV is as you can refuel them so quickly in so many places.
- Within reason - what were BMW thinking with the 150 mile extended range on the I3 ?
How hard would it have been to give it another 100 or 150 miles ?

Account Deleted

Mahonj when the electric rage is high in a PHEV you need a smaller gas tank in order to be sure the gas is used up frequently enough for the car to work. Old gasoline will destroy the gas engine. That is why.

When Tesla launches model 3 the market for small PHEV cars will largely disappear I expect so problem solved. BEVs with 200 plus miles range will cost the same as PHEVs and then the demand for PHEVs will go away.

Brent Jatko

Isn't this the whole point of PHEVs, in a sense? To provide higher fuel economy and there for longer range than a gasoline engine alone?

Brent Jatko



BMW i3 has a small tank to qualify in California as a ZEV under CARB rules.

Account Deleted

ECI i3 still has a small gas tank outside of California where it is sold. The "rotting" gas is a real problem for PHEVs with large battery packs. To me it is just another reason that PHEVs will not work. They still pollute and they are expensive. Better focus all resources on long-range self driving BEVs and scrap all R&D for combustion engines and complex transmissions.

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