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Stanley Engineered Fastening (SEF), which offers a broad portfolio of fastening solutions, such as stud-welding systems (SWS) and plastic fasteners, is bringing its next-generation self-pierce rivets (SPRs) to the North American market for the first time. Demand for SPRs, which already are well-established in Europe, is on the rise in North America as automakers increasingly adopt materials such as aluminum.

Stanley’s Fastriv self-piercing system joins sheet components without the need for pre-punched or pre-drilled holes. Assembly is achieved by driving a self-piercing, semi tubular fastener into the materials to be joined. A joint made with Fastriv fasteners is both leak-proof and has a very high degree of joint integrity. In addition, the joint has higher dynamic strength in comparison to a spot welded joint. Stanley suggests that at least 30% of situations where spot welding is employed can be replaced beneficially by self-piercing.

During installation, Fastriv self-piercing rivets are fed automatically and pressed into the components.

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According to the Ducker Worldwide “2015 North American Light Vehicle Aluminum Content Study,” within the next decade aluminum sheet for light vehicle body and closure parts will grow from less than 200 million pounds in 2012 to nearly 4 billion pounds. Within the same timeframe, every leading automaker is expected to have an aluminum body program in place, according to the study.

SEF is working with several major North American automakers interested in SPRs to help integrate lightweight alternative materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber, into their vehicle platforms.

Whether joining aluminum, steel, plastics, composites, or combinations of materials, SPR is ideal for joining sheet materials providing a watertight joint. SPRs are installed with a servo-driven tool enabling control of the rivet-setting process for uncompromised repeatability. The system provides process-monitoring capabilities, enabling increased productivity and quality.

—Dr. Siva Ramasamy, vice president, Breakthrough Innovation

In addition to offering the lightweighting fastening and assembly systems, SEF also provides the manufacturing equipment for the factory floor, making it a “one-stop” shop for lightweighting solutions.


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