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Neah Power wins DOE award to work with Argonne to increase capacity of PowerChip Li-metal battery

Neah Power Systems, Inc., a provider of fuel cell-based power solutions and rechargeable lithium battery storage solutions for defense, commercial, and consumer applications, has won a grant from the US Department of Energy through the Small Business Vouchers Pilot Program. Neah will work with Argonne National Laboratory to increase the capacity and manufacturability of its PowerChip rechargeable lithium-metal / porous silicon battery.

The focus in this project is on characterizing the battery and performing a deconstruction analysis to determine methods to increase the energy density and / or increase the lifetime of the battery.

Neah says that its PowerChip Battery is the first battery to be made with high-volume-capable microchip manufacturing technology found in semiconductor facilities (foundries) throughout the world. NEAH envisions this new NEAH Battery architecture as transformative as it can change the way batteries are made, used and perform.

The proprietary architecture of the PowerChip Battery brings batteries into the microchip era, using the same manufacturing technologies that made television sets, cell phones, laptops and a variety of devices more compact with superior performance at lower cost. While initially targeted for consumer-oriented applications, the battery technology could be used for automotive and defense applications as well.

We look forward to working closely with Argonne National Laboratory, which is uniquely qualified to characterize the performance metrics associated with our unique battery architecture. This unique 3D architecture using lithium metal anodes enables more than five times the performance of batteries in production today. We at NEAH believe that the characterization of the battery by Argonne National Laboratory will further enhance the performance and manufacturability of the battery. It will also help us understand the most critical electrochemical reactions. This DOE/Argonne relationship will provide advanced technology learnings, leapfrogging what would be possible in a privately held laboratory.

—Dr. Chris D’Couto, President & CEO of NEAH

The US Department of Energy Small Business Vouchers Pilot is a collaborative, national effort that provides $20 million for US companies to work with National Laboratories. Vouchers focus on nine clean energy technologies.

The SBV Pilot is an initiative of the US Department of Energy, DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, and participating DOE national labs.


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