Volvo Group selected to participate in DOE’s SuperTruck II Program; 55% BTE
Bosch more broadly commercializing water injection system; up to 13% fuel savings under some conditions

Report: Audi electric four-wheel-drive “A9 e-tron” confirmed

The UK’s Autocar reports that Audi will put a four-wheel-drive electric sedan rivaling the Tesla Model S into production. Perhaps to be called the A9 e-tron, the car will share much of its technology with the upcoming e-tron quattro SUV, including the advanced torque vectoring capabilities. (Earlier post).

The vehicle will have a range of up to 500 km (311 miles), and reportedly will offer Level 4 autonomous driving technology—one step up from that used in next year’s new A8.

Audi R&D boss Stefan Knirsch said he is confident the new electric saloon will deliver a unique driving experience through the use of electric motors and a power electronics package that Audi is developing.

Knirsch said: “Some rivals have gone for a synchronous motor with a high power density but at relatively low revs. There are also asynchronous motors that typically achieve similar power outputs but at much higher revs. From 2018, our electric cars will be equipped with asynchronous motors. We are convinced they offer higher efficiency levels than synchronous motors.”


Henry Gibson

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The switched reluctance motor is the lightest weight electric motor and can be run at very high speeds and is very efficient and reliable and needs no rare earths. Tesla uses a copper injected rotor induction motor.

Ian Wright is promoting the idea that turbine series hybrids promotes higher fuel efficiency than electric vehicles and cleaner air and lower CO2 especially with the use of natural gas fuel. His new turbine generator also promises very good efficiency and life and low weight. CNG is available to many who have natural gas service with a simple compressor. LNG is also available on a large scale operation. A turbine can use any liquid or gaseous fuel or multiple ones at the same time. Even now vapour LNG or propane or CNG can be fumed into the intake air of diesel engines to reduce the diesel needed by as much as 90 percent.

Diesel or its close relatives, heating oil and jet fuel, is produced at lower cost and lower CO2 release than gasoline and should be used as turbine fuel for all highway vehicles in combination with any available form of natural gases. ..HG..


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Just as customary EV charging, A9 e-tron proprietors will be offered a 11kW inductive charging alternative utilizing Audi's most recent remote charging innovation and an independent leaving capacity that will naturally leave the vehicle over a charging plate. Pakistan Navy Jobs

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