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Volvo Group selected to participate in DOE’s SuperTruck II Program; 55% BTE

Under a SuperTruck II award announced by the US Department of Energy (DOE) (earlier post), Volvo Group North America is scheduled to receive $20 million in federal funding that it will use to improve the freight-moving efficiency of heavy-duty trucks. The Volvo Group and its partners will match the development funds dollar-for-dollar.

The Volvo Group’s team of researchers and engineers will use alternative engine designs and an integrated system approach to build a lightweight tractor-trailer concept that exceeds the freight efficiency goal of 100% improvement on a ton-mile-per-gallon basis compared with a 2009 baseline. The team also will demonstrate a powertrain capable of 55% brake thermal efficiency.

The Group will leverage its industry-leading expertise in vehicle development, along with established partnerships with advanced technology and trailer equipment vendors. It will also draw from the company’s legacy of innovation in the areas of energy efficiency, safety and environmental solutions.

The Volvo Group’s partners include:

  • Michelin Americas Research Company (tires)
  • Wabash National (trailer)
  • Metalsa (lightweight frame)
  • Johnson-Matthey Inc. (exhaust aftertreatment system catalysts)
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (exhaust aftertreatment system testing / analysis)
  • Peloton Technology (connected vehicle / platooning)
  • Pennsylvania State University (connected vehicle testing)
  • Knight Transportation (long-haul fleet)
  • Wegmans Food Markets (regional-haul fleet)

Volvo participated in SuperTruck I. The company earlier this year said that key learnings from those efforts played a critical role in the design and engineering of Volvo Trucks North America’s recently introduced 2017 powertrain, delivering improved fuel efficiency and performance to customers. (Earlier post.)

The development of several new production features, such as the wave piston, turbo compounding and a common rail fuel injection system, was supported by the SuperTruck program.

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines.



55% BTE would be very impressive.
It will be a while before they electrify trucking as it is already quite efficient.

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