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New startup Romeo Power to develop and manufacture optimized EV battery packs

Romeo Power, a Santa Monica, California -based startup will design and manufacture electric vehicle battery packs that the company says will outperform any battery systems on the EV market today. The company was launched this month by tech innovators Michael Patterson and Porter Harris.

Romeo Power’s EV and consumer lines will launch in early 2017; the company also plans an industrial line.

Romeo Power is currently working with local governments in Nevada and California to select a manufacturing facility for its electric vehicle battery packs. Using their expertise in all facets of battery design and production, Romeo Power engineers crafted a system that is highly optimized to store more energy and deliver more power, more efficiently and safely.

Co-Founder and CTO Porter Harris is a renowned battery engineer. Before co-founding Romeo Power, Harris was Chief Battery Architect for Faraday Future, where he designed battery strings for the company’s variable platform architecture. At SpaceX, the technology expert spearheaded the development of batteries for the F9 rocket. He also contributed to the development of the Crew Dragon Spacecraft life support systems.

VP of Electrical Engineering Arun Gunasekaran was a member of the Tesla battery team.

In addition to its EV line, Romeo Power designs and manufactures consumer and industrial battery inverters that empower developing communities without reliable grid access to transform solar or kinetic energy to electricity. These systems feature a longer battery life, more energy and power, and a faster recharge than other batteries on the market today.

With more than 50 employees, the startup is headquartered in Santa Monica with an international team based in New Delhi.



Excellent idea and staff to produce future improved EV batteries, if enough $$$ can be found to fully exercise it. A joint effort with a large battery maker or new capital of $2B to $5B may be required.

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