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IMPCO introduces new GS2 high flow CNG fuel injector

IMPCO Technologies, Inc., a division of Westport Fuel Systems Inc., has introduced of a new GS2 high flow CNG fuel injector, available globally.

This new injector is a cost effective solution for high flow requirements as its flow capacity can reduce the total number of injectors required compared to other brands/models used in the same application.

This high performance Peak and Hold injector is compatible with CNG and LNG in either 12V or 24V systems:

  • A compact cartridge style design allows for easy drop-in installation and can be installed as port injection or throttle body injection.

  • A side fuel feed and bottom discharge injector configuration allows for simpler port design and greater tolerance to gas contamination.

  • Following strict performance and durability validation requirements, this injector is certified to ECE R110, R10 and ISO 15500 standards.


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