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First electric bus customers for new UQM PowerPhase DT heavy-duty drivetrain pilot program

UQM Technologies (UQM) has secured global commercial customers as early adopters of its new full drivetrain solution, the PowerPhase DT. These early adopters include Hybrid Kinetic Group, Wuzhoulong Motors and ITL for a Yangtse full-size bus in China and ADOMANI in the US.

These customers will work in close collaboration with UQM, and suppliers Pi Innovo and Eaton, to develop heavy-duty commercial and transit all-electric vehicles, enabling them to rapidly deploy vehicles to market. The PowerPhase DT will be delivered to early adopters this fall for pilot program deployment.

The UQM drivetrain in the PowerPhase DT provides a greater speed and torque range than direct drive systems, allowing smaller electric motors to drive large vehicles. The new system also allows for improved packaging, greater efficiency, greater payload capacity and lower cost when compared with direct drive or single-speed drivetrain strategies.

PowerPhase DT uses UQM’s current PowerPhase HD220/HD250 motor and inverter system, Eaton’s two-speed transmission and Pi Innovo’s transmission control unit, creating a fully electric drivetrain system.

This allows customers in the medium- and heavy-duty EV commercial markets to achieve increased performance in areas of gradability, acceleration and efficiency. The system also addresses the need for full transmission EV systems, as enhanced performance and efficiency requirements are mandated by customer drive cycles, battery costs and stringent environmental regulations.

As battery costs decrease, heavy-duty commercial and transit markets see the economic potential of electric drive vehicles compared to large diesel engines and multispeed transmissions. Fuel savings of pure electric vehicles (21 mpg equivalent) compared with traditional diesel (4 mpg) and hybrid systems (6 mpg) is enough to quickly recover the investment in an electric drive.

Hybrid Kinetic Group Ltd. is a HKSE listed company with its headquarters in Hong Kong and multiple subsidiary institutions throughout the world. Major businesses of HK Group that receive the most public attention include the development, manufacturing and marketing of new energy vehicles and their key components comprising energy battery, electric motor and electric control system.

Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Motors Group manufactures and exports different series buses and coaches, especially environment-friendly buses. Characterized with Wuzhoulong new energy buses as its main products, Wuzhoulong has developed more than 150 varieties of products covering all bus fields, such as hybrid buses, pure electric buses, new energy buses, diesel buses and coaches. Its sales not only covers 20 provinces and cities in China, including Hong Kong, Macau, but also overseas districts and markets, such as America, Latin America, the Middle-east, and Africa, numbering over 40 countries.

California-based ADOMANI, Inc. provides school bus and medium- to heavy-duty commercial fleet operators with replacement drivetrains and new purpose built zero-emission vehicles.

ITL is an independent e-drive system supplier to the entire China market. Beyond the UQM supplied propulsion systems, ITL is responsible for the supply of transmissions, vehicle control units (VCU’s), DC/DC converters and other related components along with vehicle system integration, application and certification support.


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