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Nifco develops thermoplastic oil pan for Jaguar Land Rover ALIVE6 project

Nifco UK has developed a thermoplastic oil pan as part of the Jaguar Land Rover ALIVE6 Project with government funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre. The thermoplastic composite part weighs in at 1kg less than a steel equivalent, and has been engineered with continuous glass fibres that are longer than those used in normal reinforced plastics to deliver optimum performance while remaining lightweight.

The part is one of the outcomes of the Jaguar Land Rover ALIVE6 project—launched last year—to create a prototype engine incorporating new and cutting edge technologies. The project involves nine work packages being delivered, each designed to unlock the potential of UK supply chain businesses, enabling them to access funding to support with the research and development of new products that help with light-weighting and improved fuel economy.

Nifco worked in partnership with plastics supplier DuPont to create the new part, and it hopes to see the part produced in mass use over the next few years.

The JLR ALIVE6 project is worth more than £20 million (US$27 million) and JLR and the Government hope that the technologies demonstrated as part of the project will lead to lighter and more fuel efficient powertrains in the near future.


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