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Yadea launches Z3 electric scooter with connectivity app

China-based Yadea has launched its Z3 electric scooter, initially into 15 countries including China, Germany, Korea, and Colombia. Starting price is US$3,388.


The Yadea Z3 is powered by Panasonic 18650 battery cells. The battery cells are capable of keeping dynamic performance in environments from -10 to 55 ˚C (15 to 122 ˚F). With a weight of 9.6 kilograms (21 pounds), the Z3 battery can be quickly charged within 2 hours and last for 75 miles.

Connected to BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), which allows multi-directional data transmission, the embedded intelligent system can share real-time location and relevant data through the mobile application. Customers can check the conditions such as battery usage and run a self-diagnosis. With one tap, Yadea Z3 will automatically self-scan more than 60 essential parts. Self-diagnosed results are available as a 3D image and recommended maintenance shops will be displayed on the mobile phone.

Apart from improved ergonomics design, Z3 also adopts a carbon alloy frame and a powerful inverted damping system.

Yadea Group Holdings Limited was founded in Wuxi, China in 2001 and designs and manufactures two-wheeled e-vehicles. Yadea’s products are used in 66 countries including France, United States, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Yadea possesses 488 nationally patented technologies.


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