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New Azipod XL from ABB increases fuel efficiency by up to an additional 10%; most efficient electric propulsion system for marine vessels

Azipod XL, the latest version of ABB’s market-leading podded electric propulsion system (earlier post), further increases vessel fuel efficiency to an unprecedented level of up to 20% compared to modern shaft line propulsion systems. The efficiency gain of the new version is achieved by a unique nozzle system that accelerates the water flow into the propeller to increase thrust, and by redesigning the thruster for reduced water resistance.

Since the first installation 25 years ago, Azipod propulsion systems have accumulated more than 12 million running hours with an availability of 99.8%, saving more than 700,000 tons of fuel, helping to reduce the maritime carbon dioxide footprint.

An industry standard for the marine industry, Azipod propulsion is a gearless steerable propulsion system with the electric drive motor located in a submerged pod outside the ship hull. Having 360-degree maneuverability, it is used to steer and drive a broad variety of vessels at the same time.

The Azipod XL concept can be designed to give high bollard pull thrust at lower speed and still have good characteristics at higher speeds. Thus it fits vessels such as tugs and offshore construction vessels. Other suitable ship types are ferries and LNG tankers.

Azipod XL’s features include the capability for advanced condition monitoring utilizing ABB’s concept of the Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP) and its Integrated Operations Centers for Marine, continuously monitoring equipment and performance parameters of more than 600 vessels.



Smart naval design move.

Add large on board FCs + batteries and operating large ships may be clean again?

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