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EPA requests applications for ~$7M total in funding to reduce diesel emissions from school buses

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the availability of approximately $7 million in rebates to public school bus fleet owners to help them replace or retrofit older school buses. Upgrading buses with older engines reduces diesel emissions and improves air quality.

EPA standards for new diesel engines make them more than 90% cleaner than older ones, but many older diesel engines still in operation predate these standards.

Older diesel engines emit large quantities of pollutants such as particulate matter (PM) and NOx, which have been linked to serious health problems such as aggravated asthma and lung damage. EPA will accept applications to 1 November 2016.

This is the fourth rebate program to fund cleaner school buses offered under the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) reauthorization. Nearly 25,000 buses across the country have already been made cleaner as a result of DERA funding.



It's easy to do. Lion School Bus (50 Km North of Montréal, QC) produces 100% school e-buses with sufficient range for typical daily runs.

Current production rate is 50/year but could be increased.

Total cost for school e-buses will drop with near future improved lower cost batteries. Diesel school buses should be progressively banned. Our children deserve clean transportation.


This just replaces old engines with new cleaner ones.
Good idea, should have been done all along.

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