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OmniVision introduces OV491 and OV495 companion chips for automotive image processing applications

OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, is introducing the OV491 and OV495, two new companion chips that deliver performance and advanced features in combination with OmniVision’s portfolio of automotive RAW image sensors.

The OV491 is a compact image signal processor (ISP) companion chip specified to enable best-in-class image quality in surround view system architectures. The OV495 contains the same ISP features but is also equipped with electronic distortion and perspective correction, making it suited for rear video mirror and camera monitor system (CMS) applications. The OV491 and OV495 are both compatible with OmniVision’s OV2775, OV10650, and OV10640 automotive image sensors.

As advanced automotive driver assistance features such as rear video mirrors and 360-degree surround view become more popular, car makers are demanding imaging solutions that are suitable for multiple vehicle platforms while meeting important industry standards.

The OV491 and OV495 are designed to deliver automotive camera integrators the flexibility to design integrated as well as distributed architectures for various driver assistance systems.

—Bahman Hadji, senior automotive marketing manager at OmniVision

The OV491 supports dual sensor input for streamlined surround view architectures, enabling a system with only two ISP companion chips to process four camera inputs, each up to two megapixels in resolution.

The OV495 can process video streams of up to two megapixels in resolution at a maximum of 60 frames per second, with distortion and perspective correction to enable different viewing modes and angles. The OV495 also supports overlay capabilities for features such as parking guidance to enable high-performance rear video mirrors and rear view cameras.

The OV491 and OV495 each come in AEC-Q100 Grade 2-qualified, compact 7 x 7 mm BGA packages. Both chips are currently available for sampling and are expected to enter volume production in the first quarter of 2017.


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