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Navigant forecasts strong growth in stop-start vehicle sales; 48V systems to account for 15% of those by 2025

According to a forecast by Navigant Research, global sales of light duty stop-start vehicles (SSVs) will exceed 61 million by 2025, accounting for 59% of all light duty vehicle sales. Of these, about 15% will feature 48V components.

SSV sales are led by Western Europe, which is expected to have about 65% of new car sales including this feature in 2016, growing to 75% in 2020. The Asia Pacific market is expected to reach the 75% level by 2025.

The North American market initially reacted negatively to early SSVs, but with the introduction of a new style of automatic transmissions designed specifically to support stop-start, popularity is growing. By 2025, almost 50% of vehicles sold in North America will feature automatic stop-start capability, according to Navigant. Growth in other regions should also be strong as global emissions and testing standards are harmonized.

Globally, Navigant expects SSV sales are expected to grow from just less than 25 million vehicles in 2016 to about 61 million in 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.6%. This corresponds to market penetration growing from 27% in 2016 to 59% in 2025.

The Navigant report—“Low Voltage Vehicle Electrification 12V and 48V Stop-Start Vehicles, Micro and Mild Hybrids, and Related Technologies: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts—analyzes the global market for low voltage (12V and 48V) electrification opportunities and challenges. The report also examines the key 48V components related to low voltage vehicle electrification, as well as the competitive landscape.



You would hope they could slip in 48V systems the way they have got 12V SS systems into many cars at minimal extra cost.
Particularly if they could do "stop-start-roll" for low speed congested traffic. You should be able to absorb a decent amount of braking energy with a 48V system - especially if the car drivers brake gently.

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