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On 26 September, in Grenoble, France, Cetup, a zero emission delivery company using the Renault Kangoo ZE-H2 (earlier post), drove 367 km (228 miles) in real urban conditions.

With a fully-charged 22 kWh battery pack and with 1.8 kg of hydrogen for the Symbio FCell fuel cell range extender, the Renault electric light-duty vehicle travelled the distance in 10 hours 36 minutes, at night on a mixed journey of urban and peri-urban areas, with lights and heating turned on. This represents an average speed of 35 km/h (22 mph), in the real traffic conditions of a large city.


Drivers of the vehicle were Axelle Kirtsch and Tanguy de la Rochette at Cetup, a company specializing in 24x7 delivery. The vehicle belongs to the Cetup operating fleet, made of Kangoo ZE-H2 vehicles and which have already logged 28,000 kilometres (17,400 miles) of usage.

Reaching such impressive performance with a first generation vehicle delivered in January 2015 is remarkable. The new versions of our Kangoo ZE-H2, currently in production, reduce the hydrogen consumption even more. Beyond, a new 700 bar option will get us close to the 500 km range mark.

—Fabio Ferrari, founder and General Manager of Symbio FCell


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