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Valeo introduces new 48V e4Sport hybrid system; all-wheel drive

At the Paris Motor Show, Valeo introduced another 48V hybrid system, the 48V e4Sport. The new system, which can be applied across all vehicle segments, to both gasoline and diesel engine models, recovers a maximum amount of braking energy and stores it in a 48V battery for various uses, such as increasing engine torque, via the starter-generator, or maximizing engine power during acceleration and boost phases, using the electric supercharger.

The system also supports driving in all-electric mode and, when on low-grip surfaces, improving performance by connecting the rear axle to the 48V eRAD electric rear axle drive, effectively transforming the vehicle into a four-wheel drive.

Valeo’s 48V roadmap. Click to enlarge.

The 48C e4Sport system incorporates a 48V integrated belt starter-generator; a 48V electric supercharger; and the 48V electric rear axle drive.

From the top: Belt Starter Generator; Electric Supercharger; eRAD. Click to enlarge.

The new system joins other Valeo 48V systems, including Hybrid4All, which delivers an affordable hybrid solution based on the 48V starter-generator, and e4Boost, which combines hybridization and performance by adding the electric supercharger to the starter-generator.

At its investor meeting in Paris, Valeo executives said that the company has more than 25 contracts for 48V systems worldwide (China, Europe, India, Korea), making it the leading provider.

The company plans to introduce the first air-cooled 48V belt starter generator and DC/DC converter next year.



If we can figure how to get enough torque out of 48 volt.
We could convert exitsting light vehicles to plugin hybrid
With all electric city drive


Valeo are starting to look very impressive
If you could get these onto a large proportion of cars, you could save a lot of fuel and urban pollution.


Needs TIGERS and its all set.


48V 100 amp three phase on all four wheel with a light car could do it.

Dr. Strange Love

They should extend the application to trailer hook-ups where feasible, a 48V generator at each trailer axle.


48 V @ 100 A is only 4.8 kW, less than 7 HP.  You're going to be very limited.

The reason for the 48 V limit is to get by regulations on shock hazards.  If you can achieve sufficient isolation to run higher voltages, 300 V @ 100 A is getting serious (about 40 HP).  Splitting 40 HP between two in-wheel motors would be sufficient for some AWD action, thrust vectoring and other improvements to vehicle dynamics.


what number of axle torque is available with eRAD?
I think this solution is for small vehicle with 4Wd system or is available limited 4WD function for midsize.
for instance, low speed, yaw control and something else.


IMO, you want enough power to start and move in city traffic, you can go on ICE for the open road. If you were able to keep engines mostly off in cities, it would be a great boon, both in terms of fuel usage (for the owner) and pollution (for the other city dwellers).


Registration of vehicles in city cores should require these technologies be added to existing vehicles to meet emissions. Ironically in la basin the worst air though is to the east of the city
But LA and the port does the polluting but do not suffer the consequences of ozone and Nox

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