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BMW Connected update adds new services and devices

A new update to the BMW Connected adds new services and additional devices to the personal mobility companion. The launch of BMW Connected Version 3.0 for iOS includes new benefits, such as: Alexa integration, first-mile navigation, vehicle service alerts, a battery-saving mode, and an Apple Watch app. BMW Connected Version 1.0 for Android is also now available.

With the announcement of BMW Connected at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and its market launch earlier this year, BMW kicked off its vision of an intelligent, highly personalized network of digital services that integrate the vehicle seamlessly into the life of the consumer. Using its flexible platform—the Open Mobility Cloud—as a basis, BMW Connected services is available anytime, anywhere – inside or outside the vehicle. Additionally, with its ability to create an intelligent BMW ID based on a user’s travel patterns over time, BMW Connected users get a personalized experience over all available touchpoints, including smartphones, smartwatches, and Alexa-enabled devices.

The update further improves convenience and connectivity. BMW Connected was initially available for Apple iPhone users and starting today, Android-based smartphones will also be supported. The update of BMW Connected also covers the new Apple Watch Series 2. Customers are now able to call up information such as driving times based on current traffic, as well as a map showing the navigation destination on the watch, and use that information without having to take out their smartphone. Plus, integration into Alexa allows users to control vehicle functions from home via voice commands. Typical functions that can be controlled include vehicle door lock and battery charge status.

Last-mile navigation displays the route users need to take from their car to their final destination on their mobile device. The new update to BMW Connected also sees users benefitting from first-mile navigation—the route back to their vehicle is now accessible via BMW Connected.

New filter functions allow BMW Connected to be adapted even more precisely to personal needs. For example, searches for charging stations for BMW i models or BMW iPerformance vehicles can be refined using criteria such as the charging method involved, membership in the ChargeNow network, and the accepted payment method(s). Charging stations which do not meet the selected criteria are not shown. Furthermore, users can access more information on their vehicle, such as the tire pressure and engine oil level.

The new BMW Connected visual design increases ease of use, with upgraded graphics that sharpen the focus on the desired information. In order to increase the run time of the devices in use, BMW Connected now also offers an additional mode which conserves battery life.

With the availability of BMW Connected as an Alexa skill in USA, customers will for the first time be able to manage their personal mobility agenda and operate vehicle from their homes. The integration between Alexa and BMW Connected is underlining BMW’s promise to constantly integrate BMW Connected into new touchpoints and to expand its digital services.

—Dieter May, Senior Vice President Digital Services and Business Models at BMW Group

The first version of BMW Connected, available in the US since March 2016, focused primarily on journey management and remote services. Now, BMW Connected is literally coming home. With the availability of BMW Connected as an Alexa skill on all Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, it is now possible to use voice commands to check the vehicle’s battery charge and fuel level, for example, as well as lock the vehicle remotely. The BMW Connected Alexa skill allows users to learn about their next scheduled trip, find out what time to leave, and send the destination to their BMW.

The skill works by using the activation word “Alexa,” followed by the invocation name “BMW,” which allows users to access the relevant functions, e.g. “Alexa, ask BMW when I should leave for my next appointment.” The vision of BMW Connected integrated with Alexa was first revealed earlier this year at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. BMW expects to continue to release more innovative Alexa updates in the coming months. Today, users in the U.S. can access BMW Connected through enabling the Alexa skill and linking their BMW Connected account in the Amazon Alexa app.


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I guess the commoner isn't taking the "Bettering Driving Experience" bait anymore.

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I apologize. BMW claims they are the "Ultimate Driving Experience".

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I cannot let it go. Why do we need such a complicated experience? Reassign these engineers to help build more efficient driving solutions. This App stuff is nauseating.

We want a Simple pleasurable experience, period. This makes me think of a line in one of Jack White's (White Stripes) songs,

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