Navigant forecasts strong growth in stop-start vehicle sales; 48V systems to account for 15% of those by 2025
Autonomous vehicle tech company Nauto enters strategic relationships with 3 automakers, including BMW and Toyota, and Allianz

Air Liquide launches Let’s Clear the Air website and hydrogen infrastructure app; National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

In support of National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, Air Liquide launched and collaborated with the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) to create a hydrogen infrastructure app.

October 8 was designated National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day based on the atomic weight of hydrogen:

October 8 = 10.08 = 1.008 = Atomic Weight of Hydrogen

The Let’s Clear the Air platform is designed to educate and inform the public on the benefits of hydrogen as an alternative energy option, outline the differences between sustainable options for mobility in the automotive space, and encourage others to interact with and contribute to this platform and engage their community to learn about the current initiatives going on in their state.

The “hydrogen station finder app” enables users to find the nearest hydrogen station, view station status, rate and review the stations and connect with an online community designed to provide accurate and up-to-date data on the infrastructure as provided by the CaFCP. The app is free and available on the Android and iOS platform.



The car dealers should be adding hydrogen generators for garages
So the tank is topped off each night, especially when electricity is cheap for time of use meters.
Destinations like Las Vegas and Phoenix providing fil
Hydrogen filling stations too would greatly enhance the viability of
Fuel cell ownership. Toyota is having to subsidize the fuel cell stack to build market share but eventually the pem need to made with negligible platinum group metals
The research has been done the diffusion from lab to
The production line needs to occur to bring costs below
$30k. Advanced membranes that use iron could make 10fold reductions as well has temprature media , that is why Nissan is deploying solid oxide fuel
Cells instead . If the heat dissipation overhead can be reduced to
Unleaded gasoline or ethanol could fuel the SOCengines


Yes, brilliant...let's waste more resources on a pretend solution to transportation and build more hydrogen crap.

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