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XL Hybrids (earlier post) announced the successful installation of its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System in Prince George’s County, Maryland cargo vans. The upfitted hybrid vans are part of the County’s Sustainable Energy Program, which aims to reduce government fleet vehicle petroleum consumption by 20%.

With more than four thousand fleet vehicles in our County, we are continuously identifying opportunities to make an impact on the overall sustainability goals. After careful evaluation, one of the technologies we chose was XL Hybrids because it’s virtually transparent to our fleet operations. There are minimal maintenance requirements, no range limitations and no special fueling infrastructure. For this reason, the County is ordering an additional four vans this year.

—Richard G. Hilmer, CAFM, county fleet division chief for Prince George’s County

The five XL3 hybrid electric vans are being used by Prince George’s County building trades, community service and animal control units. The project is part of the County’s on-going sustainability efforts to include fleet reduction of underutilized vehicles, car sharing, down-sizing and replacing fleet vehicles with more efficient alternative fuels and technologies.

Prince George’s County vans are equipped with XL Link cloud-based big data analytics system, which measures key performance indicators, including MPG performance and reports carbon dioxide emissions reductions. XL Link vehicle connectivity is a continuous data link from every vehicle collecting millions of vehicle operational data points, allowing analysis and reports on key performance indicators.


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