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Toyota Motor Europe will start production of a hybrid transaxle in 2018 at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP) in Walbrzych, and add two gasoline engines—a 1.5L in 2017 and a 2.0L in 2019—at Toyota Motor Industries, Poland (TMIP) in Jelcz-Laskowice. Combined, the new projects represent an additional investment of approximately €150 million (US$165 million), bringing the total investment to-date of Toyota’s manufacturing operations in Poland to more than €950 million (US$1 billion) since operations started in 2002.

The hybrid transaxle to be produced at TMMP is a key part of Toyota’s hybrid powertrain, and will be fitted with the 1.8L ZR engine. This hybrid engine equips all Toyota Auris and Auris Touring Sports Hybrid vehicles sold in Europe, and will equip the new crossover Toyota C-HR when it starts production at the end of this year.

The hybrid transaxle for Auris is currently being produced at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan and imported to Europe. Additionally, some R&D functions through testing materials for production will be started at TMMP to support the localization of hybrid transaxle parts.

Hybrid is a key differentiator for Toyota in Europe. Going forward, Toyota Motor Europe expects its hybrid sales in Europe to increase from today's 31% of total sales to a target of 50% hybrid vehicles by 2020.

TMIP, which currently produces 1.4L and 2.2L Diesel engines, will add two gasoline engines to its production. Assembly of a 1.5L gasoline engine will start in February 2017 and will equip the Toyota Yaris, and a 2.0L gasoline engine will be added to the plant’s output in late 2019.

Although TMIP is currently manufacturing only diesel engines, the European market is moving towards an increased share of petrol, hybrid and electric vehicles. It was therefore important for us to diversify our output and develop our petrol engine manufacturing skills, which will help secure our future.

—Kazunori Masuoka, President of Toyota Motor Industries Poland


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