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China-based automaker Geely has launched Lynk & Co—a new global car brand designed and engineered in Sweden; every model will feature an electrified powertrain.

First in the range will be the Lynk & Co 01—an SUV featuring full premium specifications and characteristics as standard. Full mobile connectivity will also be standard, working in partnership with Ericsson. (Each vehicle will be a Wi-Fi hub, with the cellular data plan included in the price.) Geely claims that the SUV will be the most connected car to date, built around an open API and inviting developers’ creative ideas to enrich the automotive experience. (This open approach sounds similar to Volkswagen’s open-platform approach it is taking with MEB for its electric vehicles. Earlier post.)


We have developed state-of-the-art cars that are strong, lightweight, efficient, fun to drive and packed full of technology.

—Mats Fägerhag, CEO of CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology) Geely/Volvo R&D center

The vehicle will be based on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), shared with Volvo. It will go on sale worldwide; from 2017 in China, followed by Europe and the US.

Geely says it will replaces traditional trim levels with the simple selection of fully equipped fixed-price collections, drawing inspiration from fashion and technology sectors.


Geely plans a non-traditional route to market: direct interaction between manufacturer and consumer, personalized services and hassle-free ownership at the most competitive price point (sounding like Tesla).

Our industry has been refining design and engineering successfully for decades—but not so much the distribution and ownership model. Our customers’ values and preferences have evolved dramatically. It is time for us to step into the future and reinvent the model to become a comprehensive solution for mobility and lifestyle.

This is Lynk & Co—introducing a premium, state-of-the-art range of cars—at the most accessible of price points, challenging and redesigning every link in the chain. Our aim is to enrich and simplify car ownership by redefining how they are bought, owned, connected, serviced and used.

—Alain Visser, Senior Vice President of Lynk & Co


The Lynk & Co 01 will be followed by models 02, 03 and so forth as a full range—reflecting the brand’s idea of simplifying and challenging industry conventions, right down to model names.

The design brief was simple: the cars should stand out from the crowd and appeal to a global audience. Acknowledging that our users are extremely tech-savvy—our interior design reflects this and feels familiar in the context of new technology.

—Andreas Nilsson, Head of Lynk & Co design

Geely Auto Group is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group—the owner of Volvo Cars and London Taxi Company. Geely Auto Group is one of China’s largest car manufacturers.



Leveraging Volvo's expertise it should be a formidable competitor.

Account Deleted

Hopefully they will not use a combustion engine on these electrified vehicles. It must be pure BEV to be sustainable and low cost when equipped with a fully autonomous driving AI.


Could also work well in extended range quick fill FCEVs and efficient PHEVs like the Toyota Prius Prime?


" interaction between manufacturer and consumer."
Like Tesla they want to go direct, go for it!

Dr. Strange Love

I am tingling all over. More nauseating ad-filled diatribe, aka BMWs "Personal Mobility Assistant/Manager" and so on.

The manufacturers know that vehicles are "SO Boring".

My gut hurts.

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