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SAE International to host symposium on automated driving technologies

SAE International will host a three-day symposium during which the technologies, regulations, testing and applications of automated driving technologies will be discussed, in-depth. The SAE 2016 From ADAS to Automated Driving Symposium will be held 29 Nov to 1 Dec at the Hilton Munich City in Munich, Germany.

As industry advances towards the goal of automated vehicles to reach the goal of zero automotive fatalities, the driver-controlled to system-only vehicle narrative becomes more and more critical. Industry still faces many challenges, but it is seeing enormous growth in the development of ADAS and Automated Vehicle technology.

As part of this dialogue, SAE 2016 ADAS to Automated Driving Symposium discusses technology, regulation, testing and application of these systems being developed for the next 20 years. Specifically, it focuses on discussion around what are the barriers to consumer acceptance, what are the technology barriers, what is government’s role in developing and implementing a safety strategy, and what will industry need to do in order to reach a fully automated vehicle.

This event has been broken into ADAS and Automated Driving Technologies. The first two days of this symposium focus on case-studies of SAE Level 3-4 automation technologies and testing protocols to assist the driver for the next 3-7 years. The last day focuses solely on discussions that address Level 5, Automated Driving Technology.


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