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Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global manufacturer of liquid and powder coatings, has developed a new one-component self-bonding electrical steel varnish called Voltatex 1175W-1K. Self-bonding characteristics have become increasingly important in the production of high-quality magnetic cores for stators and rotors. The new varnish offers longer shelf life and significantly improved handling with the same technical performance as standard two-component systems.

Self-bonding products offer decisive manufacturing benefits as they deliver precise and reproducible adhesion and ensure that the varnish is not squeezed out of bonded stacks. Self-bonding properties are therefore in high demand, particularly for the production of wind-turbine generators, but also in the manufacture of motors for electric vehicles (EVs)and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

An effective self-bonding one-component varnish requires a highly-sensitive and well-controlled crosslinking system to ensure that the coating’s application, drying and hardening all work well. Achieving that has always been a challenge chemically. Traditionally, it has taken advanced two-component waterborne formulations to deliver the required self-bonding performance—until now.

—Frank-Rainer Boehm, Global Technology Manager for

Voltatex 1175W-1K is supplied in 200 liter drums or 1000 liter containers. It must be mixed with the Voltatex 1075K catalyst in a varnish-to-catalyst weight ratio of 90:10, and offers a pot life of one week at room temperature.


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