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V2X company Savari Inc. signed an agreement with SAIC USA, a fully owned subsidiary of Chinese automaker SAIC Motors, to manufacture and distribute the Savari V2X communications solutions in the Greater China and selected ASEAN countries. The companies are already working to fulfil a substantial order from two customers (Shanghai International Automobile City and Tongji University).

Additionally, Shanghai International Automobile City and Tongji University plan to implement a live open-road smartcity testbed featuring both LTE-V and DSRC-based V2X solutions in the National Intelligent CV Pilot in Shanghai’s International Auto City. The smartcity will feature more than 10,000 vehicles equipped with Savari’s V2X solutions.

Savari delivers a complete suite of V2X safety communications technologies—V2X middleware, on-board units, road-side units, and applications—that enable connected vehicles to interact with other vehicles, road side infrastructure, smartphones and pedestrians. Savari is agnostic to DSRC and LTE-V radio technologies, and interoperates with multiple wireless chip vendors.


Savari has accumulated approximately four hundred thousand hours of public testing of its on-board units (OBU), covering more than 15 million miles traveled. Savari is also an active participant in major public US smart city testbeds, with more than 90% of currently installed road-side-units, covering 130 square miles of public area.

V2X communication technology is a ready-to-deploy option to bring advanced situational awareness to the driver through V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) and V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian) safety applications. V2X systems can operate independently or complement other connected vehicle technologies, such as camera, radar and LiDAR. V2X, compared to these sensors, offers the benefit of working in a non-line-of-sight environment with a 0.6 mi./1 km range.

As China pushes to make motorists safer through connected vehicles, automated vehicles and smart cities, there is a strong demand for reliable V2X sensor solutions. Savari has a proven track record for developing innovative solutions that connect vehicles to the surrounding infrastructure, and the distance covered in Savari's testing on real roads is unparalleled. We look forward to working with Savari to deploy their technology in China.

—Wenhua Huang, President of SAIC USA

SAIC Capital, California-based corporate venture of SAIC Motor, invested in Savari in 2015. SAIC Innovation Center, the San Jose based SAIC Motor’s advanced technology center, is focusing on integrating emerging technologies into vehicles.

SAIC USA, SAIC Capital and SAIC Innovation Center are combining SAIC’s strengths in technology, capital and supply chain together, creating a business model which connects the Silicon valley, Detroit and China, to fastern technology commercialization in a global scale.

—Wenhua Huang


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