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Shanghai OnStar has upgraded its key service portfolio by rolling out four innovative new service packages covering mobile apps, security and safety, smart fleet management and telematics data reports. It has also introduced a first-of-its-kind B2B service platform in China that allows corporate users to enjoy onboard telematics services.

OnStar Mobile App 7.0. Shanghai OnStar, China’s leading smart onboard telematics service provider, has ramped up its investment in mobile app development since introducing its first smartphone app in 2011. The new OnStar Mobile App 7.0 provides more comprehensive functions than any other onboard telematics remote app due to its vehicle control functions. It will serve as Shanghai OnStar’s major service platform.

Besides basic functions such as remote control, real-time car condition information, location feedback and route information delivered through the OnStar navigation system, it now includes advanced functions such as geo-fencing, dealer scheduling, 4G Wi-Fi management and charging management. Users can access the services whenever they like.

OnStar Mobile App 7.0 offers additional apps that make users’ lives more convenient. They include Driving Behavior Rating, which provides comprehensive driving behavior statistics, ratings, advice and analysis reports for individual users; My Route, which enables users to share places they have gone on their Mentions on social platforms; and My Discount, an upgraded premium service package that not only allows users to enjoy designated driving services, book reservations at high-end restaurants and tee times at golf courses, make hotel reservations and schedule maintenance service by pressing a single button, but also rewards them with exclusive discounts for popular events held by third parties.

It also includes Car Management, which shows a car’s condition in real time, enabling the remote monitoring of various systems, and Car Appraisal, which creates reports on a vehicle’s condition while allowing users to book used car inspections.

New service functions for security and safety. Shanghai OnStar has launched two new service functions—Vehicle Real-Time Inspection Warning and the updated Vehicle Anti-Theft Alarm Warning—to further enhance vehicle security and safety.

With Vehicle Real-Time Inspection Warning, OnStar carries out a smart vehicle inspection of eight major systems on a monthly basis: the engine and transmission, the anti-lock braking system, the stability control system, the air bags, the exhaust system, OnStar, the electric motor module, and lithium batteries. If any issue is found, the vehicle owner is alerted in a timely manner via a smartphone app, email or SMS. In addition, OnStar sends the owner a diagnostic report on vehicle conditions every month.

Shanghai OnStar also launched the upgraded Vehicle Alert Notification function. If a vehicle is stolen, OnStar will immediately receive an alert from the vehicle’s sensors and send users an SMS. The Vehicle Anti-Theft Alarm allows owners to track their vehicle’s location anytime, anywhere via a smartphone app or WeChat service account, and set an invisible electronic fence that alerts them if the vehicle is outside the fence.

First onboard telematics B2B service platform in China. Shanghai OnStar has also launched the first onboard telematics business-to-business (B2B) service platform in China. Corporate users can enjoy many of the same services as individual users. They can check vehicle information at any time on their smartphone or PC terminal, such as vehicle locations, parking records and driving routes, and easily monitor inspection requirements, fuel consumption, accidents, and repair and maintenance. Shanghai OnStar will explore further opportunities in vehicle insurance and automotive financing.

Telematics data reports. Shanghai OnStar has begun issuing telematics data reports on its public WeChat account. The reports are based on deep insights into different driver habits and behaviors as well as vehicle conditions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The reports show the value of onboard telematics for helping users develop good driving habits to benefit society. They comprise a series of easy-to-understand telematics indexes on key topics that include driver fatigue, driving pleasure, car care, late night functionality, vehicle condition and mobility. They give OnStar users useful information about their vehicles and driving behavior to make their vehicle ownership experience more rewarding.

Shanghai OnStar has nearly 1 million active users in China. It has offered customer interaction service approximately 288 million times in China. By the end of this year, 12 million cars nationwide are expected to be equipped with OnStar.

Shanghai OnStar recently signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese smart car operator Shenzhen Vcyber Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly promote the innovation and application of onboard telematics.

Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by GM, SAIC and SAIC-GM in 2009. It is a leading provider of safety, maintenance and telematics services for vehicles manufactured and sold in China by GM.

OnStar has 7 million users around the world, including almost 1 million in China.


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