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Australia-based fast charger company Tritium expanding to US

Australia-based Tritium, developer and manufacturer of the Veefil 50 kW DC fast charger for electric vehicles, will open its first overseas premises in Torrance, California in early 2017. The US facility will focus on technical customer support, assembly, manufacturing and R&D.

The vast majority of our Veefil fast chargers are sold in the US, Europe and Asia. At the moment all the units are manufactured in Australia, but as our market share has expanded significantly since we launched in 2013, we now need to open regional facilities to maintain our high levels of customer support.

—Paul Sernia, Tritium’s commercial director

In 2015, Tritium signed a major deal with ChargePoint, the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle charging network to install the Veefil on major routes across the US.

Last week Tritium announced the launch of three new DC fast chargers: the Veefil UT 50kW DC fast charger; Veefil WP 12kW DC fast charger; and Veefil 22kW DC fast charger. (Earlier post.)


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