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Flint MTA testing Proterra hydrogen fuel cell bus prototype for one year

Flint, Michigan’s Mass Transportation Authority recently unveiled a Proterra Hydrogen Fuel Cell bus prototype; the vehicle is in Flint for a year and is on a pilot/test program. Part of the study will be to see how the bus tests in a cold environment as it has only been run in warmer climates.

The bus is the result of a collaborative partnership under the National Fuel Cell Bus Program, a Federal Transit Administration program investing in zero emission hydrogen fuel cell buses.

Top speed of the bus is 55 mph. With the on-board batteries and hydrogen fuel cell stack, the bus has a range of 280 miles; the range using the battery only is 30 miles.

The bus will be tested on different routes in the city of Flint. Part of the study includes checking the vehicle’s fuel consumption.



Good try by Flint but there are better FC Buses around.

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