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HARMAN International and Airbiquity, a provider of connected vehicle services, announced the first automotive grade end-to-end intrusion detection system (IDS) for connected vehicles at TU-Automotive Europe 2016 in Munich, Germany.

With the increasing dependency on software to power vehicle systems and features, cybersecurity has become a threat to connected vehicles and the introduction of new driving assistance, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and autonomous driving capabilities. By combining HARMAN’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention System inside the vehicle with Airbiquity’s cloud-based Choreo service delivery platform and Software & Data Management solution, the two companies say they will deliver the most robust connected vehicle security threat detection and response capability for automotive customers and their consumers.

Developed by TowerSec (a HARMAN company), the embedded ECUSHIELD software—which provides continuous security threat monitoring and identification for internal vehicle networks based on TowerSec’a anomaly detection algorithms—detects and logs security intrusions locally.

ECUSHIELD turns any ECU into an intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) system and any gateway ECU into a smart firewall. Integrated into a CAN-BUS accessible ECU, telematics controller or infotainment unit, ECUSHIELD continuously monitors the vehicle while identifying new threats.

For systems with access to external communication channels (Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, SRC/DSRC), ECUSHIELD provides continuous monitoring and protection of both internal and external communication channels, serving as a double-perimeter security protection.

Airbiquity’s Choreo platform and Software & Data Management solution collects the ECUSHIELD intrusion information from the vehicle, aggregates it in the cloud, and automates alerts and reports so automotive customers can quickly assess and execute security-centric actions—including the secure transmission and installation of vehicle software updates from the cloud to mitigate future threats and restore impacted systems and components.

Car hacking is a very real threat that will continue to increase as we move towards greater connectivity and autonomous vehicles, with more and more new technologies becoming part of the Internet of Things.

—Saar Dickman, Vice President, Automotive Cyber Security at HARMAN


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