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Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced a new all-in-one Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) view solution kit. Expanding the success of the first-generation ADAS surround view kit that was launched in October 2015, Renesas’ second-generation ADAS view solution kit with up to eight cameras realizes next-generation electronic mirrors, driver monitoring and surround view systems at the same time.

It has become a standard in autonomous driving and ADAS applications to enable sensor fusion combining and processing the collected information from automotive cameras and radars for vehicles to recognize their surroundings. 360-degree surround view is expected to become an essential feature available in all vehicle segments. Additionally, mirrors will be replaced by cameras, and driver monitoring features will be required for autonomous driving and to increase safety.

Camera-based electronic mirrors will allow object detection, the modification of viewing angles and zooming. Driver monitoring will help to build safe, autonomous driving level 3-and-beyond vehicles that still demand intervention by the driver in some situations, and will be able to monitor driver attention in conventional cars.

The all-in-one ADAS view solution kit includes the recently-announced “R-Car Starter Kit Premier” automotive software development environment, which is based on the R-Car H3 system-on-chip (SoC), as well as the required sample application software for ADAS application software development and calibration software to correct distortion of the images for surround view. The up to eight automotive cameras of the solution kit allow developers to collect data from the environment for sensor fusion, being a necessary step towards autonomous drive.

Key features of the new ADAS view solution kit:

  1. Support of up to eight cameras for surround view, electronic mirrors and driver monitoring using the R-Car Starter Kit Premier. The new ADAS view solution kit includes four cameras, however, camera functionality can be extended with four additional cameras to maximize the full camera processing capabilities.

    Up to eight minicube cameras from Integrated Micro-electronics, Inc. using 1.3 megapixel automotive sensors from OmniVision Technologies, Inc. are connected via a high-speed gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) serializer and a quad deserializer from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. This setup, paired with Renesas’ “R-Car Starter Kit Premier”, simplifies the development of 360-degree surround view and implementation of cameras for electronic mirror functionality as well as for driver monitoring.

  2. All-in-one solution based on the R-Car Starter Kit Premier, with sample application and calibration software. The new ADAS view solution kit is an all-in-one solution based on the R-Car Starter Kit, including online-available sample application and calibration software which enables system developers to immediately start their development. The sample application software supports developers in the initial development period.

    Dynamic surround view can be achieved by using the sample application software in binary code and the GPU of the R-Car H3 that enables arbitrary viewpoints. Static surround view can be achieved without a GPU or CPU by using the calibration software that corrects image distortion and the sample software in source code. The software for static surround view uses Renesas’ image rendering (IMR) technology.

  3. High-performance development environment with the R-Car Starter Kit Premier based on the R-Car H3. The R-Car H3 features Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR GX6650, a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) core. It allows 360-degree surround view with arbitrary viewpoints and high-resolution picture composition, as well as highly detailed vehicle rendering.

    The R-Car H3 also features Renesas’ image rendering (IMR) technology that enables low-cost surround view with pre-defined viewpoints, in case the GPU has to be used for other applications or if system developers want to evaluate static surround view. The IMR is also used for zooming and perspective adjustment for electronic mirrors and driver monitoring cameras.

    Renesas’ video processing units in the R-Car H3 allow the composition of surround view with overlay of smart camera pictures at ultra-high definition resolution (UHD), providing high flexibility for Tier1s and OEMs for the choice and quality of the final image.

    The ARM Cortex-A57/A53 cores of the R-Car H3 provide 40,000 DMIPS (Dhrystone million instructions per second) enhanced processing for the application and computer vision implementations. In addition, OpenCL on the GPU provides software engineers the option to implement cognitive functionality, bringing additional safety features.

The ADAS view solution kit is scheduled to be available from January 2017 and will include the ADAS Starter Kit Premier as well as four cameras. An additional four cameras to experience the maximum benefit of the solution kit will also be available on option. Both will be available for purchase from online retailers, in addition to Renesas sales companies and agents.

Sample application and calibration software will be available online and details regarding availability will be available on Renesas’ ADAS view solution kit webpage.


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