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Dana introducing Spicer Electrified family of e-axles for hybrid, electric vehicles

Dana Incorporated introduced the Spicer Electrified family of fully integrated motor, control, and e-drive technologies that advance electric propulsion systems for light-duty, commercial, and off-highway vehicles.

Currently in production, the Spicer EV Drive for electric vans manages speed and torque from the e-motor to the wheels. Planned for launch in 2018, Dana’s new e-axles for electric transit buses and city delivery vehicles feature a fully integrated motor and gear box and leverage the company’s experience in chassis drivetrain applications.

Dana is also working with automotive manufacturers to develop all-wheel-drive (AWD) e-axles that deliver superior performance, packaging, and reliability, while meeting customer demand for AWD functionality paired with traditional front-wheel-drive hybrids.

The portfolio builds on Dana’s half-century of research in electric driveline technologies and complements the company’s battery-cooling solutions offered under the Long brand portfolio.

Dana began developing electric-driveline concepts 50 years ago. Since then, we have been a leader in bringing new mechanical and electric drive simulations, systems, and controls to the marketplace. Our Spicer Electrified brand is the result of a comprehensive strategy to leverage Dana’s experience and research across all vehicle markets to accelerate the introduction of cleaner, more efficient drivetrain components for electric and hybrid vehicles.

—Bob Pyle, president of Dana Light Vehicle Driveline Technologies

Pyle was recently designated to lead Dana’s enterprise strategy for electric and hybrid technologies.

Dana is a leading provider of drivetrain, sealing, and thermal-management technologies. In addition to more conventional powertrain technologies, Dana also offers the Spicer Powerboost hydraulic-hybrid system for off-road vehicles as well as the Spicer Smart Suite Technology.

Smart Suite is an integrated system that captures, manages, analyzes, communicates, and acts on data sourced from the drivetrain, including load monitoring, condition monitoring, torque management, speed monitoring, and steering monitoring.


Dr. Strange Love

Go Dana. Dana is a major drivetrain component supplier to the medium sized truck and large vehicle/equipment applications. We will see their HEV/EV products in the 3/4 ton+ truck applications soon. Ford/Chrysler/GM use their products.


Let us hope so Dr, Americans and Canadians do love their full size pick-up trucks. Electrifying that segment is key.

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