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Montréal installing 50 more on-street charging points for EVs; targeting 1,000 by 2020

The city of Montréal is installing 50 more on-street charging points for electric vehicles. In August, the city installed 50 in the downtown area. The 100 terminals will now cover 7 city districts.


The city said it plans to have 1,000 stations installed across all boroughs by 2020.

The city says that it is the first in Canada to have a network of charging stations of this size available to residents and car-sharing services.



Over 70% of car owners in the oldest parts of Montréal park on the streets overnight. Many street parking places are reserved for them.

Eventually, over 400,000 to 800,000 street side over night charging facilities will be required. It is a 20+ year project.


Does Montréal not have the block-heater-plug pylons which are common in other parts of Canada?  Those would also do for charging batteries, just slower.  But if you're going to be parked for 20 hours a day anyway, 1440 watts is more than a full charge for a Leaf.


There are no street side block heater plugs/outlets installed in Montreal city center yet. Parking meters have be replaced (many years ago) with automated collection control boxes for every 10+ parking places. The same control boxes are used for street side parking and public parking lots, using appropriate/unique parking place ID.

The associated electronic control boxes accept coins, paper money and credit cards and automatically alert responsable agents as required.

Street side outlets are possible but should not interfere with users, snow removal etc.

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