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SPE Automotive Innovation Award presented to ContiTech for first polyamide spring strut mount in a passenger car chassis

The Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) has presented an Automotive Innovation Award to ContiTech for the first spring strut mount made from BASF’s material Ultramid. Designed for use on the chassis both on the front and rear suspensions of passenger cars, the polyamide spring strut mount is applied in the Cadillac CT6.

The new three-path mount from ContiTech is characterized by an intelligent mix of materials. The central component consists of a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. Compared with conventionally designed spring strut mounts made from aluminum or steel, it can achieve weight savings of 30% and ensure a longer service life. The innovative design can even stand very high shock loading, which can occur when driving a car along a badly potholed road, for example.

Another functional advantage is that the spring strut mount also ensures that only minimal counter-torque acts on the shock absorber. This means that this component is also under less stress which, in turn, enhances safety in the vehicle. At the same time, a highly insulating rubber element enhances ride comfort.

For its lightweight components, in 2016, ContiTech has also already received the Altair Enlighten Award, the Lightweight Technology Innovation Award, and a Materialica Design + Technology Gold Award.


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