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Electrovaya launches Li-ion battery product line for forklift market; drop-in lead-acid replacements for Class I and Class II

Electrovaya Inc. has introduced a new Lithium-ion ceramic product line for the Class I and II forklift markets. This market is currently heavily dominated by lead-acid battery solutions that cannot keep up with the demands of today’s warehouse and logistics environments.

Increased demands on operational efficiency, 24-hour operations and more advanced vehicles make a case for better energy solutions. The product line, which is branded “ELivate” will leverage Electrovaya’s Lithium-ion ceramic battery technology that offers up to six times the life cycle of existing lead-acid solutions and up to twice the life cycle of other Lithium-ion products, according to the company.

Additionally, the safety provided by SEPARION ceramic separator technology provides users with confidence in implementing a new technology in their operations.

The ELivate product line is being introduced with 36V followed by 48V models for Class I and II forklifts. To take advantage of the added performance and safety of Electrovaya’s technology, the target application is heavy duty users such as 24-7 distributions centers. The product is market-ready and Electrovaya has started initial trials at multiple customer sites.


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