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The GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit alliance of more than 140 automakers and their suppliers focused on developing an open in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and connectivity software platform for the transportation industry. At AutoMobility LA this week, GENIVI is demonstrating its latest Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) technology in the Technology Pavilion at Los Angeles Convention Center.

GENIVI provides a standardized means for communications between the vehicle and its remote services over a number of different protocols. (Earlier post.) GENIVI’s technical deliverables consist of individual software components, standard interfaces/APIs, a flexible technical architecture, and a pre-integrated, reusable IVI software platform.


The RVI technology provides secure, remote vehicle control from smart devices, software-over-the-air updates (SOTA) and efficient, two-way transfer of vehicle data and driver information. It is an open-source software framework for connecting vehicles to cloud services and mobile devices that handles authentication, authorization, discovery of services and data exchange over any network topology.

At AutoMobility LA, a Jaguar F-Type convertible is fitted with RVI demonstrations that include remote data logging, secure software-over-the-air (SOTA) updating, media and analytics measuring, and smartphone app control of select in-car features such as climate control.

  • End-to-End RVI Provisioning System. The mobile unlock demonstration is expanded with the new RVI provisioning system to create signed certificates and their associated credentials, allowing for distributed provisioning and accreditation for vehicles and mobile devices alike.

  • Peer-to-Peer Control of Local Media Using RVI.A media player controller is implemented on a mobile device connecting to a vehicle that can negotiate temporary permissions and control the media player in the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP 11) running in the head unit.

  • Hortonworks Big Data and RVI. Using Big Data, RVI can deliver messages to a cloud server as well as provide access control. Dynamic Agents feed into the Hortonworks DataFlow. The system acts upon real time weather data for a specified location to alert or remotely roll up the windows of a car. All data is retained in a Hadoop cluster which can then be used by data scientists or other applications to garner more insights.

  • Media and Analytics Measuring. In-car listening has long been un-measurable, but connected cars can solve this problem by unlocking access to actual listening data from vehicles, and RVI offers a powerful new capability to accelerate this capacity.

  • Software-Over-The-Air. The SOTA system is an end-to-end integration of a server component that allows scheduling and monitoring update campaigns, a flexible and secure transport mechanism based on RVI, a client to receive the update packages on the device, and a software manager (SWM) that processes the update packages and processes the installation. SOTA highlights include how to create software update packages, scheduling for delivery to devices using the server, installation on devices, and reporting installation results to the server.

The RVI free and open software is available at: https://github.com/PDXostc/rvi_core.


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