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Toyota to explore heavy-duty truck hydrogen fuel cell application in California

Toyota has long maintained that hydrogen fuel cell technology could be a zero emission solution across a broad spectrum of vehicle types. The scalability of this technology is enabling the automaker to explore a semi-trailer truck application for a California-based feasibility study.

A heavy-duty truck sized fuel cell vehicle creates a potential zero-emission freight transportation solution for the future. Toyota said that it will announce additional details on the study, and the continued evolution of a hydrogen society, in the coming months.




Just for you, HarveyD

Actually, I think that if hydrogen makes any sense as a transportation fuel, it is either for Heavy Duty Long Distance Trucking or aircraft. Also, it may make some sense for certain military applications including quiet operations, auxiliary power and drones.


This seems to be one of the best solution for future clean heavy ground transportation units. Heavy trucks and long distance large buses could have one large FS or two smaller units together with super caps for acceleration and hills.

Quiet drones could used much smaller FCs for extended (24+ hour) range?

Locomotives (freight and passengers) and ships may be the next applications.


Hydrogen doesn't makes any sense

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